Jumat, 28 Mei 2010

Kidung Suci by ipod

Kidung Suci by ipod

The pedanda is only present via a skype video call to pak klian's ipad which is propped up on the bale pawedan, and all the banten are bought online at http://www.facebook.com/l/d29f8;offrings.com, with the sesari transmitted via paypal to betaradalem@gmail.com . Next there will be drive-thru gerias for quick melukat, nunas dewasa ayu, and so on . . . like mcdonalds drive thrus . . . . ok, a balinese family rolls up in their hummer and "nawegangs" into the microphone on the lit-up menu panel, then calls out their order . . . a chirpy voice blares out of the speaker, "let me repeat your order sir, that's three dayu anom deluxe pejatis with all the trimmings, and a side of tirta mengening hold the cempaka, plus two jumbo-bokor-bucket-o-kwangen specials and one kiddie melukat? can i get you anything else today? y'know you can super-size that tirta, and get a free dupa-lupa gift pack. no? ok, that'll be Rp 764,500. please drive forward sir, to the pickup window to pay and collect your order, then for the melukat just pull into auto bay number three. thank you for choosing mclingsir's go-international geria, and have an om-santih day!!!!

The melukat bays work like drive through car-washes in america, it's all automated, you go get a token and chunk it into a slot in the steel box at the front of the bay, then when the light turns green you ride through on a conveyor track in total comfort with slank blasting from the sound system and finding nemo rolling on the flat screen in back for the kids. the tirta and flowers and mantras and all that get sprayed onto you and blow-dried off by automated machinery made in germany and they put a little "mclingsir's" sticker on your back window and a branded plastic packing tape lamak on your grille as you pull out . . . both are freebies, but GREAT for marketing mclingsir's!!

made you wanna be rich in yer old age, get one of those gerias over there in sanur into this concept . . . drive-thru geria stations . . . franchise it out to every desa adat in bali, and you'll make a killing . . .

Susi Johnston