Selasa, 05 Oktober 2010

Upacara pelebon istri bapak angkat saya, Jero Lanang Tanjung, Kepaon.

Jero Padma's 'adegan', the first of many 'spirit effigies', seated here in the ceremonial pavilion at the royal chapel.

Penyiraman, Jero Raga, Jero Tanjung, Dalem Kepaon.

Pengajuman ceremony.

Traffic is halted on the Mogan Freeway.

LEFT: Bonita at the royal cremation.
RIGHT: Angklung plays during final rites.

The last act, almost, for the mortal remains.

At the cremation ground.

LEFT: Half-time at the cremation.
RIGHT: Great grandchildren of the deceased immortalize her burning byre.

Half-time at the cremation.

In the banjar outside the palace — the float-bearers at the ready.

Inside the strazzen-panzer picking up the rear of the procession (crippled but still keen).

And they're off!